A few words about us

  • Blue Sky Group

    Blue Sky Travel Group acquires rewards for the sixth consecutive year during the Ministry of Tourism celebration of International Tourism Day.

    Bright Sky Travel won the second prize on travel agents in Egypt level, since it has reached the 500,000 half a million tourists with four million touristic nights figures.

    Mr. Hossam El Shaer, the Group President, received the award and stated that at present the company owns tourist hotels in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh due to the expansion of the Group business.

  • The company owns and manages Eight 4 & 5 stars category hotels in Hurghada, and two hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, with a total capacity of 4000 rooms.

    Mr. Hossam El Shaer stated also that the group is proceeding with the construction of two new hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, one in Hurghada and one in Marsa Alam.

    In addition to eight Nile Cruises between Luxor and Aswan owned by the company. The ninth boat under construction, which will be a High Dam Lake Cruise is scheduled to have its maiden voyage in the beginning of 2009. It will be distinct from the other boats in its number of cabins reaching 80.

What we offer

Bright sky travel offers hotel accommodation all over Egypt like hurghada, sharm el sheikh Cairo and Luxor. Also bright sky travel offers a lot of fantastic and enjoyable tours in hurghada, sharm el sheikh, Cairo and Luxor.

Building Memories through Travel- Travel is not about airplanes, car rentals, hotels etc. Travel is all about the memories you bring back with you. Experiencing new destinations, with new culture discovering all magnificent areas never be before.

At Bright Sky Travel, it is our mission to make traveler with unforgettable travel experience. The Traveler has a wide range of cities, packages and excursions to choose from. These packages are not only highly customizable but also value for the money that they spend.

Tools :
Bright Sky travel enjoys benefit of service companies which guarantee high quality service to their clients , Bright Sky service company consists on :

Bright Sky Transport with limousine service (Internet Service)

Oasis Desert adventure (Internet Service)

PDL Professional diving leadership (Internet Service)

Blue waves sea trips and different activities (Internet Service)

In our offers tour packages and arrange customized trips covering flights booking, transfers with Limousine services , hotel booking, excursions all tips ( desert , adventures, diving, sea trips, culture and family special trips)

Bright Sky Travel has widespread network of offices throughout Egypt (Cairo ,Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm el Sheikh,Taba, Luxor and Aswan) ensures that a rapid and competent awareness is given to all our guests during their stay in whole Egypt.